At 7 pm, follow the lighted path  to the Greenwood Village clubhouse  and enjoy a warm night with friends and neighbors  as you dance the night away  at the annual Greenwood Holiday Cocktail Party. Sign up early and remember to save the date on your calendar! Edit post

In July the Board approved changes to Room Rentals, including having to pay in full for the room earlier, and reduced returns for cancellations, to prevent residents from reserving rooms and then cancelling when it is too late to rent the room to someone else. Go to the Forms menu to see the new Room… Read more »

Morning Lap Swim (6:30-8:30 am) and Water Aerobics (9:00-10:00 am ) are unchanged, but the open swim pool hours are the following Fall schedule: 10:30 AM – 8:00 PM – Tuesdays & Thursdays    10:30 AM – 7:00 PM – All Other Days

We did a special Newsletter distribution this month, celebrating the lifting of the Covid restrictions and informing everyone of upcoming events for the year. The newsletter no longer has a calendar section or classified ads because they are both on this website. Click the “Calendar” tab above or click the “Classifieds” tab above to see… Read more »

This year, more than ever, residents walk or bicycle in the streets, to get some exercise and fresh air, to commune with nature and reach hiking trails, or to walk their dogs. Walkers, Bicyclists, and Drivers alike all need to observe certain precautions: Drivers, slow down and observe the 25-mph limit as you go through… Read more »

Please watch your mailbox for the GVCA semi-annual bill and December newsletter. We are thankful for all of you who consistently pay on time, and thankful we have been able to control expenses so that your assessment has not increased in two years, it is still $232 a half. We mailed the bill a bit… Read more »

Robb recently joined the full time GVCA staff as Head Lifeguard. Robb has previously worked as a lifeguard for Hudson City Schools and is studying to become a paramedic. While he’s not guarding, Robb will be assisting with various maintenance duties and projects around the GVCA Clubhouse and grounds.

Precincts B and C will vote at The Village Club house, polls are open from 6:30 am – 7:30 pm. Curbside Voting will be available in front of the Clubhouse, call 330-467-1593 when you arrive. (This is a landline, do not text.)

We have a great turnout for the Octoberfest. Pick-up is 4:00-6:15 pm Friday in the Greenwood Parking lot. Please stay and join us by the lake! We’ll have a bonfire going and plenty of picnic tables, with beverages, ingredients for making s’mores, and even tables in the clubhouse if the weather is fickle.

Call Reinecker’s at 330-352-4807. To see all the details of the event, the menu, and how to order, click here. Here is a picture of the wonderful food and drink you will receive when you order your Oktoberfeast! Our annual Oktoberfest will be on Friday, October 22. All Oktoberfest food will be pick up and you are… Read more »

As noted in the newsletter, this week all morning pool classes are cancelled and Monday, Wednesday and Friday the Open Swim starts at 12 noon. However, due to a staffing shortage, on Thursday, Oct. 14, the Open Swim will not start until 3:30 pm when the evening lifeguards arrive for their shift. We apologize for… Read more »

Our annual Oktoberfest will be on Friday, October 22. All Oktoberfest food will be pick up and you are welcome to join us outside at the picnic tables, weather permitting, and the Clubhouse will be open for you to relax with your neighbors. Here is a picture of the wonderful food and drink you will receive… Read more »