A. The Following are Prohibited in Greenwood Village:

  1. Awnings – All Non-retractable & All Roof, Side, or Front Mounted Retractable (See Attachment 10 for Rules on Retractable Awnings)
  2. Basketball Hoop – Roof Mounted
  3. Commercial Vehicles or Equipment, Trailers, or Motorhomes – Except in Garage
  4. Dumping of Refuse and Debris on Any Property
  5. Fences – Chain Link and/or Full Enclosures
  6. “Off-roading” – with Any Vehicle, on Any Property
  7. Pet Doors
  8. Wind Power Systems, Poles, and Suspended Wires
  9. Removing Trees, Plants, Rocks, or Soil from GVCA Property without GVCA Approval
  10. Signs – Except as Approved by ACCES, or Exempted Below or in “Signs” Section III.S.
  11. Storage Sheds
  12. Swimming Pools – Permanent, or Deeper than 24″

B. The Following are Available from the GVCA Office:

  1. Satellite Antenna Instant Approval – See Satellite Guidelines (Attachment 3)
  2. Tree Removal Fast Approval – Dead or Dying Trees on Your Property
  3. Open House Signs – Loaned for Free (Deposit Required) (Attachment 4)

C. The Following Do Not Need ACCES Approval:

  1. Basketball Hoop – Portable
  2. Building-Mounted Flag Holders
  3. Drainage – Repair, as Long as No Design Changes are Made
  4. Firewood Pile – Neatly Stacked on Your Own Property, Cover Must be Earth Tone in Color
  5. Gutter – Repair
  6. Intercoms – Low Volume Intercom Speakers Located at Entrances
  7. Landscaping – Planting in Existing Beds
  8. Lighting – Temporary Holiday Lighting
  9. Mailbox – If It Follows ACCES Guidelines (See Attachment 6)
  10. Painting – Same Color
  11. Patio – Repair (Patio Replacement needs Approval)
  12. Portable BBQ Grill/Portable Enclosed Fire Pit
  13. Renting Your Unit (May need Condominium Approval)
  14. Roofing Repair (Roof Replacement needs Approval)
  15. Siding Repair (Siding Replacement needs Approval)
  16. Sign – Day of Event Sign Mounted in Your Yard Only
  17. Sign – For Sale Sign Mounted in the Window of Your Home Only
  18. Sign – Security Sign Less than 12″ x 12″, Mounted in Window or Landscaping, Not in Lawn
  19. Temporary Wading Pool (Less than 8 Feet in Diameter & Less than 24″ Deep)
  20. Tree Removal – Only for Fallen Trees on Your Own Property (See Section I.B.2 Above)
  21. Tree Trimming – Only for Trees and Shrubs on Your Own Property

All Other Projects Require ACCES Approval! Refer to the Requirements Matrix on the next page to ensure you include all the information ACCES needs to approve your project. If your project is not listed in the Matrix, it still needs approval, refer to the ACCES Guidelines or contact the GVCA office to find out what to include.

Revised 08/16/2022