Posted on 07-30-2020

Update 7/31/2020 – Water will be off again Friday for all of Court A, probably for most of the day. …Court B will still be on, and any exterior spigot or laundry room sink can be used if needed. Oak Knolls apologizes for the late notice.

Update 7/24/2020 – From Reserve Realty:
Dear Oak Knolls Owners,
Here is what we know regarding the broken water line:
The leak has been found and a temporary patch will be installed so that everyone will have water tonight and over the weekend.
On Monday, they will replace a larger section, which will necessitate removal of the stairs at 6270-100 and the water to be turned back off, until the repair is made.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

7/23/2020 – Work is underway to repair plumbing issues, the work should be completed by mid afternoon if all goes right.