Posted on 10-4-2017

NEW – Activity Pass Renewal Deadline is October 31

To ensure only actual residents of Greenwood have access to the facilities, the GVCA Board passed a motion in August, which they refined and finalized in September, requiring the residency of all holders of GVCA Activity Passes be verified. Once verified, their activity pass will be renewed and continue to work. However, activity passes of those not verified by October 31 will be deactivated November 1st.

The GVCA Office has already renewed over 60% of activity passes, verifying they are held by either an owner listed on the Summit County website, or by a renter named on a list from the Williamsburg Office.

What do you need to do?

If your name is on your GVCA semi-annual bill, you do not need to do anything.  You are an Owner and we have already verified your name against the Summit County Website.

If you live in Williamsburg or are a renter, you do not need to do anything. We have already verified with the Williamsburg office or your landlord that you are a resident of Greenwood.

If you are a resident who is not an owner or renter, you need to take action to prevent your pass from being deactivated. Please show proof of residency to the GVCA office by October 31 to renew your pass.

The most common document used is a Driver’s License. A school record is often used for those under driving age. At the GVCA office and on the website is the GVCA list of over 25 approved “Proof of Residency Documents”.

If you miss the deadline, don’t throw away your pass. You can reactivate the pass by bringing your proof of residency documentation to the GVCA office. If you do throw away your pass, a replacement pass is $5.

Check the GVCA office hours to find the time that works best to stop in with your documentation. We look forward to helping you renew your pass so you may continue to use Greenwood’s facilities.

If you are a new owner please click here to learn more.