Posted on 04-19-2020


Update 4/22/2020 – Various underground obstructions, primarily other utilities, have caused the planned location of the new water line to be moved from alongside Canyon View Road to under Canyon View Road.

This requires Canyon View Road to be closed to through traffic, please observe the signs posted. Residents in Village at Greenwood and Canyon Estates can reach their homes via the Route 82 entrance. Residents further south can reach their homes from the Greenwood Parkway end of Canyon View Road. As the work moves south, Portage Bath West and Tymber Skan will switch to the Route 82 entrance.

Please do not attempt to drive through if you are not going to a home on Canyon View Road, use the Greenwood Parkway Route 82 entrance instead as a detour.

Update 4/19/2020 – Click here for the notice the contractor distributed to everyone’s mailbox at the start of the project. We are sharing it in case you lost it, or did not receive a copy, such as residents who use Canyon View Road but do not live there. Residents who do live on Canyon View, please check your newspaper slot/mailbox regularly. If a water shut off is scheduled that affects your unit, they will be placing a notice there. They have also promised to alert us, so we can post the notice on our website.

Be aware that if there an incident, such as when a garbage truck backed into a temporary fire hydrant, breaking the pipe, there may be no notice. If you see something like this happen when the contractor is not on site, please call the contractor number listed below ASAP. Thank you for your patience as they work to improve Greenwood. Be sure to read the next section, which is the Safety portion of the attached notice:

We urge you to observe all traffic barricades, warning lights and flag personnel. These control devices and personnel are there for your protection. For everyone’s safety we ask that no cars be parked on the street during construction hours. Normal parking will be permitted after construction hours. Above all, please warn children to keep a safe distance from all equipment and excavations. Construction equipment is fascinating to children, but can be very dangerous even while not in operation.
On similar jobs of this nature, Terrace Construction Company has experienced some vandalism to its property. We ask your cooperation in reporting any incidents of damage or loss of property to Mr. Rik Luzader of Terrace Construction Company at 216. 739. 3170, ext. 223.
If a special problem arises, please call our office number, 216. 739. 3170, between 7 am and 6 pm. From 6 pm to 7 am call 216. 861. 8663.
During the project it will become necessary to shut the water off for a short duration. You will be contacted before any scheduled water service outages.