Posted on 05-23-2020

Dear Greenwood Residents, the outdoor pool is opening Tuesday, May 26, 2020, and we cannot wait to see you again. However, because of the COVID-19 virus, we have to implement many changes to how the pool will operate this year. We are counting on your help and cooperation in order to meet the State of Ohio requirements to keep the pool open. Keep checking here for updates as we move forward together.

Here is the link to the COVID-19 Pool Rules and Acknowledgements. Please read, and if you can, please print it out, complete the back page and bring it with you to the pool. This form will also be available at the check-in desk, but completing it before coming to the pool will to speed up your check-in process.

An easy way to think of the rules change is we are switching from a walk-in buffet to a fine dining establishment with assigned seating. In addition to the COVID-19 Pool Rules, the pool staff will be disinfecting the tables, chairs, and pens between each use, and handrails, portable toilets, and other common touch elements every 2 hours. Please use the sanitizer gel in the portable toilets before returning to the pool area. Wear your mask to enter, exit, or move around the pool area, but not in the pool. You can take it off when in your designated seating area.

Very important: We need you to check out with the lifeguards when you exit so we can keep an accurate of the number of people in the pool area. Please have your activity pass ready to scan!

PLEASE listen to the instructions of the pool staff, and maintain social distancing from others not in your family group, both on land and in the water. If residents cannot maintain proper distancing, the lifeguards will clear the pool and can close the pool area if needed to keep residents safe and stay in compliance with State of Ohio rules. We trust everyone will keep a proper social distance so this will not become necessary and everyone will have a fun but safe time at the pool. We wish everyone a wonderful summer.