Posted on 06-16-2021

POOL UPDATE: The GVCA Board decided at their meeting last night that as of this morning, Wednesday, June 16, the downstairs bathrooms are reopened for use until the locker rooms are available. The remainder of the facility including locker rooms, workout equipment, office remain closed for now, but will open on Wednesday, June 23. The saunas will remain closed for the summer.

The lap lanes will stay in the pool at all times with the exception of the morning aerobics class. Floats/toys are now permitted (not past the depth change rope) unless the lifeguards deem the pool is too crowded. Pool capacity returns to pre-Covid limits.

Guest policy: 2 guest limit remains in effect on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Monday through Friday the guest limit is now 5 per household.

Temp checks and Covid waivers are still in effect for both residents and guests entering the pool area. Temp checks will also still be in effect to visit the office or use the exercise equipment.

Room Use: Starting Wednesday, June 23, we will start accepting room rentals for the Garden Room and Community Room. If you previously reserved a date, we will be contacting you to sign the rental contract, which will include the Covid Rental Acknowledgment Form that you are responsible for the Covid risk to you and your guests, and for the Covid safety measures your wish to implement for your event, including masks and sanitization.

Recognized groups such as condominium associations can use the room for meetings, but are required to sign the same Covid acknowledgement form and take responsibility for the safety measures they wish to implement for their members They also have the option to hold their meetings in the parking lot during good weather.

Thanks for your help and cooperation during these unique times.