Posted on 08-23-2018

Three Greenwood Village employees were recognized by GVCA Management and the GVCA Board prior to the board meeting Tuesday night for their commitment to excellence.

Rayna has been a lifeguard with Greenwood Village for 3 years. In addition to putting in the most hours of all the guards, she also regularly covers the office while Diane is away or on vacation. Many of the younger guards look up to Rayna as a leader and she has proven herself to be an excellent member of the GVCA team.

Carolyn has been Greenwood’s water aerobics instructor for close to two years now. Since starting, the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning classes have more than doubled in size. More than 40 Greenwood residents now regularly participate in this class thanks to Carolyn. Carolyn also has added a Thursday Evening class that is growing in popularity.

Andy has been life guarding the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning early bird shift for the past year. Andy has consistently showed up at 6am for this shift without missing a beat. Andy also regularly assists instructors with water aerobics, swim lessons, and the swim club during the shift and is both personable and friendly with residents and guests using the pool in the morning.