Posted on 06-16-2020

Dear Greenwood Owners, the GVCA Semi-Annual Fee is due July 1, 2020. In light of the COVID-19 virus, there is NO fee increase this year, the fee is the same as last July, $232.
Something new on your bill is the expiration dates of your guest passes. To buy new guest passes or extend your guest passes, follow the instructions printed on the bill and add the amount to your payment. (Your activity pass does not expire.)
We prefer you mail your payment, we will go by the postmark as the date paid. If you must drop it off, or have an ACCES application, there is a new Office Drop Box by the check-in table of the outdoor pool.
Enclosed with your bill was a letter from GVCA about the COVID-19 virus and it’s impact on GVCA Operations. Remember, if you have a previous balance on your account, you must pay it by June 30 to avoid having a late charge added. If you have no previous balance, you have until July 15 to pay $232 without a late fee. (Bills were sent out June 15.)