Posted on 06-15-2018

Dear Greenwood Owners,

The bill for the GVCA Semi-annual Fee was mailed out June 6.

The fee is $227, due July 1.  You have until July 15 to pay without penalty.

Included with your bill is the ballot for the GVCA Board of Trustees. You can return your ballot with your payment in the enclosed return envelope, or bring the ballot with you to the Greenwood Annual Members Meeting on Monday, June 25. See the center section of your bill for the meeting announcement. If you are mailing your ballot, it must be received by the GVCA Office before the meeting on June 25 in order to be counted.

Note: At the very top of the bill, on the section you return with your payment, the deadline reminder was not updated from the prior 6 month billing. “December” and “January” should have been replaced with “June” and “July”, respectively. If you have a past due balance, please pay the amount shown by June 30 to avoid further late fees. If you only owe the current $227 fee, you have until July 15 to pay without penalty.