Posted on 06-7-2020

The outdoor pool is now open!

Update 6/7/2020: The new pump arrived on Saturday around noon. However, we could not find a company to install it, so the GVCA Manager, Scott Klement, did the work. A big thank you to Waterco for getting us the pump so quickly, to Head of Maintenance Wayne, who knew where just the right part was located in the barn to solve an install problem, to Assistant Manager Mike who worked with Wayne to get the old pump equipment disconnected, and lined up STG Electrical to quickly install the new starter panel, to Builders Emporium for always having the right part, and a very special thank you to John Stypa, President of JS Controls, who came out at 2 am and did the electrical work to wire up the 3 phase motor to the starter panel, so we would have a shot at opening the pool today. The pump has been running since 3 am, so the chemicals and the temperature should start going back to normal, and if they do, we should be able to open today, Sunday.