GVCA Semi-Annual Fees

The  semi-annual fee, due July 1, 2016, and January 1, 2017, is $217 for each half ($434 for the year).  The GVCA semi-annual fee is sent in May by the GVCA Board for the upcoming Fiscal Year, which starts July 1.  The new fee is announced in the June Newsletter and bills are sent out the second week of June and December.

This is not an optional or recreational fee. Last day to pay the fee without penalty is July 30 and January 30, after which time a late fee of $60 is added to all unpaid accounts. An additional late fee of $30 is added to all unpaid accounts, including unpaid late fees, at the end of each month thereafter. In addition, use of the clubhouse facilities, including the pool, will be denied until account is paid in full, including all late or legal fees.

After 90 days (September 30 and March 30), all unpaid accounts are turned over to the attorney for collection, who places liens on the properties. All legal fees (such as $95 for each legal notice sent, and $250 to place and remove the lien) and court costs are the responsibility of owner and will be added to amount you owe.

You can mail the fee, or drop it through the slot in the office door. Checks only please! Alternatively, you can pay the semi-annual fee through your online banking program at your financial institution. Be sure to include your GVCA Account Number, so your account is properly credited. Make the check payable to “GVCA”, 830 Village Club Drive, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067.

If you have questions, please call the GVCA Office at 330-467-7036.

Transfer Fees

There is a GVCA transfer fee of $100 on units bought in Greenwood Village, payable by the buyer.


Revised 8/23/2016