Posted on 05-6-2020

The Canyon View Water Project is going well, but the contractor will need to shut off the water to Oak Knolls for a few hours on Thursday. The exact time is unknown, as it depends on how the project progresses. Oak Knolls residents should have a printed notice from the contractor, this website post is in case they missed that notice. (Please Note, as it is not always clear which water lines connect to others, there is the chance other areas may be affected by the shutoff besides Oak Knolls.)

Per the 4/19/2020 update:

We urge you to observe all traffic barricades, warning lights and flag personnel. These control devices and personnel are there for your protection. For everyone’s safety we ask that no cars be parked on the street during construction hours. Normal parking will be permitted after construction hours. Above all, please warn children to keep a safe distance from all equipment and excavations. Construction equipment is fascinating to children, but can be very dangerous even while not in operation.
On similar jobs of this nature, Terrace Construction Company has experienced some vandalism to its property. We ask your cooperation in reporting any incidents of damage or loss of property to Mr. Rik Luzader of Terrace Construction Company at 216. 739. 3170, ext. 223.
If a special problem arises, please call our office number, 216. 739. 3170, between 7 am and 6 pm. From 6 pm to 7 am call 216. 861. 8663.
During the project it will become necessary to shut the water off for a short duration. You will be contacted before any scheduled water service outages.