ACCES: The Architectural Control Committee of Greenwood Village

Whether you are new to Greenwood Village or a long-term resident, you live here because Greenwood Village has a look and feel that appeals to you. One of the important features is the emphasis on housing and property preservation.  To help support this, the ACCES (Architectural Control Committee for Existing Structures) developed a set of standards to help maintain the appearance and value of Greenwood Village properties.  These standards are contained in a booklet entitled ACCES Architectural Review Procedures and Rules that was originally distributed November of 2004.

The rules are designed to insure that changes in property appearances are in keeping with Greenwood Village standards and encourage good property maintenance. In doing so, the regulations strive to maintain property values and standards.  Standards and approvals for changes are not unique to Greenwood Village.  Many planned communities utilize them in similar ways to prevent the lowering of housing values.

The establishment of Architectural Rules for Greenwood is rooted in the original Greenwood Village Declarations and the ACC (Architectural Control Committee), which was appointed by the Developer.  Its GVCA appointed sub-committee, the ACCES, has refined and revised the rules periodically as needed, with their adoption ratified by both the Developer and the GVCA Board of Trustees.   The ACCES is composed of Greenwood residents who serve on a voluntary basis.  With the completion of Greenwood Village, the ACCES has now become the ACC.  The rules booklet is now available on this website and at the GVCA Office at The Village Club.

In an attempt to make this booklet easy to use, the first few pages include a Summary (Page 3), and a Matrix showing what is required for common projects (Page 4). Note the Summary also includes a list of things that do not require ACCES approval and a list of those that are prohibited.  While this booklet tries to address the more common requests, any new project not addressed in this booklet requires ACCES approval and any ACCES member can help you develop what will be required.  Note that ACCES approval is not needed for any changes confined solely to the interior of your dwelling.  (However, it may require the approval of your condominium association, so be sure to check.)

In 2016 the ACCES updated the ACCES Architectural Review Procedures and Rules booklet, along with the forms and attachments.  This is the first major revision since 2004, incorporating all the minor changes that occurred in the prior 12 years along with some new ones.

In 2018 the ACCES updated the ACCES Architectural Review Procedures and Rules booklet, along with the forms and attachments. This revision incorporated new rules about the use of surveillance cameras and other outdoor electronics, in-ground sprinklers, and radon mitigation systems.

While ACCES approval does require some planning for exterior changes, we believe it is worth it to keep Greenwood Village the beautiful and natural place it has been since inception.

The volunteers of the ACCES thank you for your cooperation in keeping Greenwood Village beautiful.