Greenwood Village residents enjoy year round access to either the outdoor or indoor swimming pool for open swim, lap swim and group activities. Red-cross certified lifeguards are on-duty during open swim hours. The pools are available to residents for private parties throughout the year.


Indoor Pool
Located on the first floor of the clubhouse, the indoor pool opens after the outdoor pool closes in the fall and closes when the outdoor pool opens in the spring.

Exercise Equipment
Workout equipment is located on the second floor overlooking the indoor pool.

Dry heat saunas (same gender) are located in the locker rooms in the clubhouse. The saunas are closed during the summer months.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool is situated between the clubhouse and Marshall Lake. It is opens as soon as weather permits in May and stays open after Labor Day as long as weather says warm.

Activity Passes
Your Activity Pass will be scanned to log you in or out of the pool area. Scanning in and out is essential to keep an accurate count of how many people are in the pool, and have an accurate record of who was at the pool if there is a pool incident. Tracking usage can help us schedule our lifeguards and better match our pool hours to when people most like to use the pool.
Download Activity Pass Form


  • If you forget your pass, we will still allow you to use your valid driver’s license with your current Greenwood address. However, it will be slower as we have to type in your name, and if it does not match how it is printed on your activity pass, we may not be able to find you in the system, denying you entry. We strongly encourage you to remember your pass or get a new one if you lost your old one.
  • You must bring your OWN pass and sign in and out each time you come to the pool, even if not swimming. The sharing or transfer of activity passes from one Resident to another Resident and/or another Resident’s guest is prohibited and may result in suspension of pool privileges for up to 30 days.

Guest Passes
Each residential unit can bring a limited number of guests (5 Monday-Friday, two on holidays & weekends) to the Greenwood facilities but must obtain guest passes for admittance to the facilities. Two types of guest passes are available for purchase by residents.

  • Yearly Guest Passes Each residential unit may obtain 2 yearly guest passes at $10.00 each, or $40 for five years each. The guest passes are linked to residential activity passes so physical guest pass cards are no longer issued.  
  • Single Use Guest Passes  These passes can be purchased for up to 3 additional guests (per residential unit) for $3.00 per pass. These are available for purchase at the pool check-in station.

Pool Activities
A wide variety of pool activities, including swimming lessons, adult and senior citizen exercise classes, dive-in movies, and GVCA-sponsored pool parties are available to residents and guests.

American Red Cross Swim Lessons
Lessons are offered year round to residents and guests for nominal fees. Contact the Pool Supervisor to schedule individual lessons that work with your schedule.

Early Morning Lap Swim
The pool is set up for lap swimming from 6:30 am – 8:30 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. One mile is 88 lengths/44 laps for the indoor pool or 64 lengths/32 laps for the outdoor pool.  See how many miles you can swim in a year. 

Morning Water Aerobics
GVCA has a live instructor for our morning water aerobics class on 9:00 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Residents are loving the workouts, so come join and have a monstrously fun time!

Pool Parties and Dive-In Movies
Greenwoods outstanding pool facilities are a great venue for a variety of parties and events. The indoor pool is a favorite location for the popular Dive-in Movies held throughout the season. During the summer, dive-in movies continue at the outdoor pool which is also the setting for late night star and meteor gazing parties. The annual  Summer party is held in the outdoor pool area as well.

Private Pool Parties
The pools can be reserved by residents for private parties during hours not set aside for general use. A security deposit, required to reserve the pool, includes rental fees, lifeguard/security guard fees and any other expenses incurred during the rental. All rentals must be approved by the Pool Supervisor before the rental request is confirmed. Details and fees for pool rentals are explained in the pool party contract.

Revised 9/21/2022 – SMK