Greenwood Village, conveniently located on Route 82 in the township of Sagamore Hills, Ohio, offers easy access to state and interstate highways including:

  • 3 miles east of Route 21
  • 5 miles east of I-77
  • 3 miles west of Route 8 and I-271
  • 5 miles from the Ohio Turnpike

Major cities and the Cleveland airport are less than a 30 minute commute:

  • Cleveland, via I-77, is approximately 15 miles north, or about 25 minutes driving time.
  • Akron, via Route 8, is approximately 12 miles south, or about 25 minutes driving time.
  • Cleveland Hopkins Airport, via I-480, is approximately 23 miles west, or about 30 minutes driving time.

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Map of Greenwood Village
This map is oriented to match the way you are facing as you enter Greenwood Village, which means North is down and South is up, the reverse of most maps. To find a home in Greenwood using this map, first look up the street address below to find what Association it is in, then look at the COLOR KEY on the map to find the color for that Association. Look for that color on the map, your street is located there. The white properties are Greenwood’s Common Open Areas, set aside for all residents to hike and enjoy. This map and the GVCA Newsletter, which includes a list of Homes For Sale, are available from the boxes on the traffic island in front of the Clubhouse.


To enlarge map:

  • Click on map above.
  • A new window will open with the map.
  • Move cursor over map – the cursor will become a magnifying glass with a plus (+) sign in it.
  • Click to enlarge the map.
  • The + sign in the magnifying glass will change to a minus (-) sign.
  • Click again to reduce the map size.

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Associations by Street Addresses
Street Association
Amherst Drive The Arboretum
911-985 Canyon View Road (odd #, also have a unit #) Condo 2
930 – 1092 Canyon View Road (even #) Condo 1
995 Canyon View Road (also have a unit letter) Portage Path East
1005 Canyon View Road (also have a unit letter) Portage Path East
1105 – 1145 Canyon View Road (odd #, also have a unit #) Juniper Hill
1200 – 1288 Canyon View Road Village at Greenwood
Deerfield Drive Williamsburg Apartments
1070 Fleetwood Drive (also have a unit letter) Tymber Skän
1071 Fleetwood Drive (also have a unit letter) Portage Path West
1090 Fleetwood Drive (also have a unit letter) Tymber Skän
1091 Fleetwood Drive (also have a unit letter) Portage Path West
Geddes Bluff (odd #) Condo 5
Geddes Bluff (even #) Hemlock Ridge
Glengary Drive Canyon Estates
714 – 832 Greenwood Parkway Single Family Homes
6250 – 6340 Greenwood Parkway (also have a unit #) Oak Knoll
Hampton Court Hamptons by the Lake
864 – 910 Hemlock Lane Single Family Homes
914 – 952 Hemlock Lane (end of street) Ironwood Trail
7441 Mill Race Lane (also have a unit #) Condo 5
7465 Mill Race Lane (also have a unit #) Condo 5
7430 – 7444 Mill Race Lane (even numbers) Condo 5
7450 – 7496 Mill Race Lane (even numbers) Hemlock Ridge
Millstone Drive Canyon Estates
Morningstar Trail Greenwood Highlands
Pipes Court Condo 3 Greenwood Highlands
Smithfield Drive Williamsburg Apartments
Spafford Oval Condo 3
Spicers Lane Condo 4 (Town Falls)
Timberline Trail Greenwood Highlands
Tinkers Lane Condo 3
Trailside Drive Tymber Skän
Trimble Place Condo 4 (Town Falls)
Village Club Drive Village Club
All Other Streets Single Family Homes

To see which roads are public and which roads are private, check out this map.

To look up a particular property or address, click here to bring up the Summit County GIS Map Program. Besides showing property lines and dimensions, you can also find the current owner, annual property taxes, the date and amount of the last transfer, and other information about the property here. (Note: Property lines shown do not exactly line up with the aerial photos shown, and should be used only as a guide.)

Street Locations by Condo Association
Condo Association Address
Condo 1 Canyon View Road (930-1092)
All with even numbers
Condo 2 Canyon View Road(911-985)
All with odd numbers and all also have separate unit numbers
Condo 3 Tinkers Lane
Spafford Oval
Pipes Court
Condo 4 Trimble Place
Spicers Lane
The Arboretum Arboretum Circle
Canyon Estates Glengary Drive
Millstone Drive
Condo 5 Townhouses: Geddes Bluff (odd numbers)
Mill Race Lane (7430-7444, even numbers)
Condo 5 Apartment style: Mill Race Lane (7441 and 7465)
Hamptons by the Lake Hampton Court
Hemlock Ridge Geddes Bluff (even #s)
Mill Race Lane (7450-7490, even #s)
Ironwood Trail Hemlock Lane (Redwood Siding)
Juniper Hills Canyon View (1105-1145, odd #s with unit number)
Tymberskan Trailside Drive
Fleetwood Dr. (1070 & 1090 only)
Oak Knolls Greenwood Parkway, 6000’s (w/unit # – Courts A & B)
Village Club Village Club Drive
Village at Greenwood Canyon View Road, 1200’s (no unit number)
Portage Path West Fleetwood Drive, 1071-1091
Portage Path East Canyon View Road, 995-1005
Williamsburg at Greenwood Apartments Amherst, Deerfield, and Smithfield Drives
Leasing office: 6636 Deerfield Drive, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067
Phone: 330-468-3499
Single Family Homes by Street
Carriage Trail Hemlock Lane Rivendell Road
Cedar Grove Circle Holzhauer Road Stoney Brook Road
Fieldcrest Court Meadow Creek Road Timbercreek Road
Greenwood Court Pine Cone Oval Valley Brook Circle
Greengate Oval Pinewood View Road Woodbridge Trail
Greenwood Parkway Ravenhill Drive Village Parkway