The Board of Trustees enforce GVCA legal documents and make decisions based on the interests of the entire community, not individuals or individual associations. As volunteers, they are not compensated for this service.

Semi-Annual Fee
Greenwood Village operations are funded primarily from fees paid by each unit owner. These association fees are due semi-annually on January 1 and July 1 of each year. The fees are used to manage and maintain the community clubhouse, the indoor and outdoor pools, Marshall Lake, the tennis courts, and 50 properties making up the Common Open Spaces of Greenwood. The fee is determined by the GVCA Board of Trustees, based on funds needed for daily operations, routine maintenance, capital improvements, and funding of adequate reserves.
Download Semi-Annual Fee pdf

ACCES Rules and Procedures
One of the hallmarks of Greenwood Village is the emphasis on the preservation of the housing units and the surrounding property. To support this, GVCA has developed a set of standards to help maintain the appearance and value of Greenwood Village properties. Any additions or changes to the exteriors of existing lots or structures must be submitted in writing on ACCES forms to the ACCES committee  for approval prior to beginning work. Answers to common ACCES questions may be in the FAQ for Current Residents.

ACCES rules can be downloaded as PDF from the website. They also are available in the GVCA Home Owner Documents book you received when you purchased your home. They may also be obtained from the GVCA office for a photocopying fee or by calling 330-467-7036.
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ACCES Matrix
The Matrix chart lists the type of information you need to submit with ACCES forms for approval of external of your property. Projects are listed in the left column and required information can be identified by reading across to the right.
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GVCA Declaration Of Covenants And Restrictions
This legal document, made on the 6th day of March, A.D. 1970, is a legal part of the deed of every unit in Greenwood Village. All residents of Greenwood Village are obliged to adhere to this document as it is upheld in the courts. Copies are available at the GVCA office for a nominal fee. In addition to the GVCA documents, each Condominium Association has its own Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, which governs that particular association within its parameters.
Download GVCA Declaration Of Covenants And Restrictions

Greenwood Village Community Association Bylaws
The GVCA Bylaws is a legal document that  defines the structure of the GVCA, the governing body of Greenwood Village.  This document specifies the duties and responsibilities of the members, trustees and officers of the organization for the maintenance and preservation of Greenwood Village.
Download Greenwood Village Community Association Bylaws

Anti-Harassment Policy
GVCA’s Anti-Harassment Policy governs behavior while within Greenwood Village.  Please view the policy at the following link:
Download the Anti-Harassment Policy

Enforcement Procedures
The recent Ohio HOA law authorized GVCA to use assessments to enforce GVCA rules, declarations and bylaws, such as the ACCES rules or the pool rules. This Enforcement Assessment Procedure enables GVCA to use fines for enforcement. It is an addition to the existing enforcement provisions such as suspension of privileges or liens.
Download the Enforcement Procedure

Condominium Association Facility Suspension Rules for Delinquent Owners
The GVCA Board has enacted rule that suspends an individual condominium owner’s right to use GVCA recreational facilities (i.e. pool, party rooms, tennis courts, etc.) if the owner becomes delinquent with his/her condominium association fees.
Download Condominium Association Facility Suspension Rules