Activity Passes

A GVCA Activity Pass is required to use the pool, lake, saunas, playground, and tennis courts.

  • Activity Passes are free.
  • Owner* Activity Passes do not expire.
  • Resident** Activity Passes require Proof of Residency** to be issued, and periodic renewal to confirm residency.
  • Damaged passes are replaced for free when you turn the old one in.
  • If your Activity Pass is lost there is a $5.00 charge for a replacement pass.
  • Activity Passes are issued ONE to each family member residing in the unit.
  • Owners must fill out the Activity Pass application for their selves and their residents, or for their tenants.

*An “Owner” is one of the persons listed as an owner in the GVCA Billing system, which is verified against the owners listed on the Summit County website.

**A “Resident” is anyone else residing in the home with the owners. Check the list of GVCA approved Proof of Residency Documents and bring the document for each resident to the GVCA Office when requesting or renewing a resident’s Activity Pass.

Caution: Failure to present your Activity Pass will prevent you from using the facilities.

Guest Passes

Up to 5 guests per home may be brought to the Greenwood facilities.  Owners or residents must obtain guest passes for their guests, and must accompany their guests to the facilities and sign them in for admittance.

Three types of guest passes are available for purchase:

  • Daily Guest Passes
    • Purchase at the pool for $3 per day.
    • Good for any guest all day.
  • One Year Guest Passes
    • Purchase at the GVCA office for $10.00 each.
    • Good for any guest for 1 year from date of purchase.
  • Five Year Guest Passes
    • Purchase at the GVCA office for $40.00 each.
    • Good for any guest for 5 years from date of purchase.

One and Five Year Guest Passes are limited to Two per home.  Bringing additional guests at one time will require the purchase of Daily Guest Passes.
Guest passes are not tied to any specific guests.  A guest pass can be used for a different guest at a different time, but each pass is only good for one guest at a time.

Procedure for Obtaining Activity and Guest Passes

  1. Download the Activity Pass Application Form:
  2. Fill out the Activity Pass Form and take it, along with Proof of Residency documents for each resident**, to the GVCA office in the clubhouse during office hours.
  3. The GVCA Office staff will approve it and make a copy for you.
  4. Your approved copy is your receipt and also your temporary Activity and/or Guest Pass to use until the system is updated and you receive your passes.
  5. Your permanent Activity Passes will be mailed to your address.
  6. We no longer issue separate Guest Pass cards.  The barcode system knows how many Guest Passes you have when we scan your Activity Pass.

Note: Activity Passes will not be issued for visiting grandchildren or children whom you babysit.

Pool Use

Your Activity Pass’ barcode will be scanned to log you in and out of the pool area.

Scanning out when you leave is essential:

  • If  someone does not scan out, they may prevent you from entering the pool, as they are still being counted in the total if we reach capacity.
  • If there were ever an incident, emergency services will use the list to ensure everyone is found and rescued.   You don’t want them looking for you if you are not here.
  • Tracking usage can help us schedule our pool hours and our lifeguards to better match when people most like to use the pool.  If you do not scan out, it looks like your favorite time to swim is closing time.

Forgotten Pass:
IF you forget to bring your Activity Pass, we will allow you to use your valid driver’s license with your current Greenwood address, but only if we find you have a valid pass in the system. This will slow down the admission process for you and any residents in line behind you while we search the system. You will need to know exactly how you name is printed on your activity pass. Otherwise, the system will not be able to find you and you will not be admitted. To avoid any problems using the facilities, we strongly encourage you to remember your pass, or your 10 digit pass number, and to get a new pass if you lost your old one.

– Only your most recent pass will work, so if you find your old lost pass after we issued you a new one, throw the old one away, it won’t work.
– If your pass is beat up or the bar code is unreadable, turn it in at the GVCA office and we will either fix it or issue you a new one free, so don’t throw it away!
– Replacements without the old passes are $5.00 each.
– Non-payment of association fees will result in non-admittance to all recreation facilities.

– You must bring your OWN pass and sign in and out each time you come to the pool, even if not swimming.
– Allowing anyone to use your Activity Pass can result in suspension of your pool privileges for up to 30 days.
– Please report any lost or stolen Activity Pass promptly.