Posted on 06-5-2024

On your semi-annual bill which was recently mailed, there is a place where it was supposed to show the expiration dates of your guest passes, or if they had already expired, it should say “Expired”. However, through some software glitch, the billing system did not check and update some of the guest pass expiration dates, resulting in printing some of the bills with old dates, often expired, when in fact your guest passes were not expired.

If you go to the pool and scan your activity pass, your guest passes will come up correctly, you can ask the lifeguard to tell you the expiration dates.

Or if you would like to double-check the correct expirations dates for your passes, please check this list using your billing number, which is also the first 8 digits of your activity pass number. Note: if your billing number is not on this list, the expiration dates on your bill were printed correctly.

Thank you to the residents who noticed this error and notified the GVCA Office, so we could investigate and correct it.