BOARD MEETING NOTES April 2014 Finance: The March report shows that receipts and expenses were less than budgeted but both are regarded as timing issues. Receipts were late in being received while some expenses were low because they have not yet been incurred. However, there is every expectation that these will be in line by… Read more »

Board Meeting notes – March 18, 2014 Finance Committee Report – The late month surge of semi-annual fee payments were reported in the February statements and were slightly above the budgeted amount. Overall expenses for the month were below budget except for routine maintenance, emergencies, snowplowing and gas. The board approved the purchase of a… Read more »

Board Meeting notes February 19, 2013 The February meeting of the Board was held on Tuesday, February 19 at 7:00 PM in the Clubhouse. The Financial report showed we are on target for revenue and expenses. There were some discussion about an increase in office expenses and this was due to a large order for… Read more »

Board Meeting Notes – January 21, 2014 Treasurer’s Report – The collection of the semi-annual fees is below budgeted expectations but these are expected to come up by January 31, 2014 when fees are due without late fees. The Board moved its semi-annual allocation of $55K to the Reserves account. Weather and disease affected many… Read more »

BOARD MEETING NOTES December 2013 The monthly Board of Trustees meeting was held in the Clubhouse at 7:00pm on December 17, 2013. Finance: This is the 5th month of the FY2014 and the expenditures are below the budgeted income for the period. Several old past due accounts were paid off by residents reducing the number and… Read more »

BOARD MEETING NOTES November 2013 Clubhouse Improvements: The work on the concrete retaining walls as well as the spillway for Marshall Lake was completed on time and within budget. New lights are being evaluated for the Parking lot adjacent to the Clubhouse and Tennis Courts. A ceiling mount has been built for the video projector… Read more »