Posted on 09-9-2022

The major revisions and minor tweaks to the ACCES Rules that were approved by ACCES and/or the GVCA Board are now posted on the website for you to use.

ACCES has it’s own main Menu button at the top of the website, with all the components of ACCES brought together under that one button.

A number of the forms and attachments had to be updated to be compatible, and a lot of links were added to make it easy to navigate and track down the information you are looking for.

Please take a few minutes to look over the ACCES Procedures and Rules.

The 12 attachments are posted separately on the website for easy access. We trust you will find the online navigation useful. The newest attachment is the list of regulations for installing backup batteries and solar energy collection devices.

The 12 attachments are also included in the main document, so one tap of the mouse, and you can now download or print the entire ACCES Rule Book.

Be sure to consult the revised rules as you are planning your next improvement project. It is now easier than ever.