Posted on 05-4-2024

We had a great turnout for the trout derby, and there are still plenty of trout to catch.

Fishing Rules Reminders:

Marshall Lake is for residents and their accompanied guest only! Please bring your activity pass when you fish.

Marshall Lake is “Catch and Release” only, with the exception of Rainbow Trout and Bluegill. Trout you are allowed to take home and eat, because they cannot survive the summer heat. Bluegills naturally reproduce, but are not much of a meal. There is a 3-fish-per-day limit, and only residents can keep trout and bluegill, not guests.

GVCA staff or security has the right to ask for your activity pass to verify you are a resident, and to ask you to leave if you cannot verify you reside in Greenwood.

For the complete rules, please see Marshall Lake under the Amenities section of the website.

The May Newsletter is posted. Please watch your mailbox in late May for the June Newsletter, which will include the trout derby results, along with the ballot for the GVCA annual owners meeting, both of which will be mailed along with your bill for the GVCA semi-annual assessment, which will be due July 1, 2024