Posted on 01-24-2023

Attention anyone who did not mail or deliver their GVCA payment by January 30: The payment is past due and a $30 late fee was added January 16, and a $35 late fee was added February 1. If there was no prior 2022 balance, the amount now owed is $312. New bills are sent to the mailing address on file. Another $35 late fee will be added at the end of the month, and every month after, until paid in full, as has been policy since November of 2017. When making your payment, be sure to include the late fees and make payable to “GVCA”, 830 Village Club, Sagamore Hills, OH 44067. Partial payments are applied first to late fees, then to legal fees, and lastly to the semi-annual assessments.

For more details, see the Greenwood Semi-Annual and Transfer Fees page of our website, which includes a link to the GVCA Collection Policy.