Posted on 02-24-2022

This year, more than ever, residents walk or bicycle in the streets, to get some exercise and fresh air, to commune with nature and reach hiking trails, or to walk their dogs.

Walkers, Bicyclists, and Drivers alike all need to observe certain precautions:

    • Drivers, slow down and observe the 25-mph limit as you go through Greenwood, stay towards the left side of your lane by the center median, and keep a sharp eye for pedestrians, pets, baby strollers, and bikers who all should be on your right.
    • Walkers, please walk on your left facing traffic and only walk on the outside edge of the parkways. Leave the inside lane clear for vehicles.


    • Think of the landscaped median in the middle as a very wide double yellow line.
      You would not walk your dog or ride your bike on the double yellow line on Route 82, so please do not walk or ride on or along the center medians.
    • Cyclists have to follow traffic laws. Please ride the same direction as vehicles, stay on the outer side of the street, and be mindful of walkers. Alert pedestrians ahead of you to your presence with a bell or horn, and be aware of vehicles approaching behind you. Wear a helmet, and light colored or reflective clothing, and make your bike visible with appropriate reflective material or lights especially at dusk. Riding across lawns and flowerbeds is prohibited.


  • If you plan to walk in the evening or at night, please wear reflective clothing or light colored clothing, and carry a flashlight.