All residents, please come for a group photo at the Clubhouse on Saturday morning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Greenwood Village. Bring this completed sign-up form with you to speed up the check-in which will be near the parking lot. This historic photo of Greenwood’s 2021 residents will be shared on our website and… Read more »

Any semi-annual fee payment not received by the GVCA Office, or postmarked by the Post Office, on or before July 15 will have a $30 late fee added on July 16. The Office is open until 7:00 pm on Thursday, July 15. There is a slot in the GVCA office door, as well as a… Read more »

Join your neighbors to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Greenwood Village at the Annual Summer Picnic and Pool Party on Saturday, July 24. The Picnic starts at 7:00 pm. We will have grills set up for you to use. There will also be a pot luck table, bring something to share. (Be sure to put… Read more »

We did a special Newsletter distribution this month, celebrating the lifting of the Covid restrictions and informing everyone of upcoming events for the year. The newsletter no longer has a calendar section or classified ads because they are both on this website. Click the “Calendar” tab above or click the “Classifieds” tab above to see… Read more »

Call the GVCA Office, 330-467-7036, to rent the Community Room or Garden Room or to schedule a condominium association meeting*. However, with the advent of the COVID pandemic, any resident or group who uses one of the rooms to host an event is required to sign the COVID Rental Acknowledgement Form, linked below and also… Read more »

Happy 50th Anniversary! We look forward to seeing you at one of our many events! Paper copies of the Newsletter are being distributed to ensure residents don’t miss out on all the events happening in Greenwood this summer! To see the full color Newsletter on the website, put your mouse cursor over the “Calendar” menu… Read more »

Thank you to everyone who voted and everyone who came to the annual GVCA Owners meeting in the parking lot on June 14. Here is the 6 page color Annual Meeting Summary, which includes the minutes of the last meeting in 2019, the financial report for the last two years, accomplishments over the last two… Read more »