Posted on 07-15-2013


  • The monthly Board of Trustees meeting was held in the Clubhouse at 7:00pm on July 16, 2013.
  • New Board Members:
    Kendall Lancaster was appointed to the Board and welcomed along with newly elected Board members Joe Moran, Kary Ostrander, and Ottolee Umbaugh.
  • Committee Chair Appointments
    President Tom Kemery appointed the following as GVCA Committee Chairs:

    • Finance: Doug Powers
    • Nominating and Bridge: Susan Miller
    • Landscape: Beth Dingle
    • ACCES: Jim Simler
    • Recreation: Scott Gale
    • Garden: Jon Klement
    • Website: Ed Balcerzak
  • Financial Report:
    The GVCA Operating Funds closed the 2012-2013 fiscal year with a positive variance of $17,880 in revenue over expenses. The Board voted approval to transfer money from the Operating Funds to the Reserve Funds as called for by the 2013-2014 budget.
  • Clubhouse Improvements
    • The indoor pool has been drained and is being prepared for painting.
    • The Board approved a bid to tuck point the Clubhouse.
    • The Board approved a bid to repair the erosion under the bridge near the waterfall on Greenwood Parkway.
  • ACCES:
    The ACCES Committee reported on a number of owners’ projects that were approved or denied with provisions for corrective action as well as addressing complaints filed by residents. ACCES also approved previously submitted projects that had conditions for improvement before approval could be given.
  • Garden Committee:
    • Gardeners agreed to donate excess produce to a local food pantry.
    • 13 garden plots are still available after the recent garden expansion.
  • Landscape Committee
    • Three dead Ash trees infected by the Emerald Ash Borer will be removed.
    • The committee will monitor the work by landscape contractors in Greenwood.
    • “Beyond Pesticide Ohio Seminar” will be held on the evening of February 19, 2014 in the GVCA Community Room.
  • Recreation Committee:
    The Recreation Committee reported on the successful “Dive-in Movie Night” at the Pool. With the new GVCA projector and screen (soon to be available for private parties and events), the committee showed “Shark Tales”, “Surfs Up” and later “Jaws”, attracting an audience of over 150 to the event. There are more parties to come during the rest of the summer and fall – watch the schedule of great events for families and adults.
  • Website Committee:
    The Website Committee is preparing the current website for migration to the WordPress platform. Changes include revisions to site navigation, more images, greater form accessibility, addition of new FAQ’s and new content development.