Q: 1. Where can I find a list of homes in Greenwood for sale or rental and their location in Greenwood?
The latest issue of The Village News lists all the homes for sale or rental that our residents or their realtors have placed with us, including home for sale by owner not listed anywhere else.  Listings are free for Greenwood Village homes.  Contact information for apartment Williamsburg Townhomes  is also listed there.  If you would like to know where a particular home is located in Greenwood, first go to Map and Directions page and scroll down to find the address that matches your ad.  This will tell you if it is a single family home, or in of the condominium associations.  Once you know that, look at the colored coded map on that page, find the color of that association and then look on the map for the color & association/street name that matches.

Q: 2. I’m interested in buying a condominium or a house in Greenwood. What should I know about the community and its regulations?
Greenwood Village is one of the most unique developments in Ohio. Surrounded by parks, it is a nature lover’s paradise. All residents are members of GVCA, which entitles you to use the amenities, such as swimming year-round at our indoor and outdoor pools, fishing in our pond, playing tennis or volleyball on our outdoor courts, hiking on our trails, and rental of our party rooms. Greenwood is a Planned Unit Development with a focus on housing and property preservation and has a set of rules that regulate what can and cannot be done. These rules are administered by the Architectural Control Committee for Existing Structures (ACCES) and ACCES rules are available on this website.

Q: 3. I’m shopping for a condominium. What do I need to know about this kind of purchase?
A. Ohio law changed in 2004. Condominiums associations are now required to be fully funding their reserves, unless the majority of residents vote against it every year. Fully funding associations typically have higher monthly fees, but cannot hit you with special assessments for repairs. Check if your condominium association is fully fundng their reserves before you buy.

Q: 4. What are title transfer requirements when purchasing a home in Greenwood Village?
A. The title agency must notify the GVCA office of pending purchases in Greenwood Village so any GVCA fees can be included in closing costs. Once title transfers, new owners should stop by the GVCA office at the clubhouse to receive an copy of the GVCA manual and to sign up for the activity pass so you can use the facilities.